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Catch originally hired me to work on their award winning web software platform that supports their mobile application Catch Notes. I was integrated within their existing development team to add new features to their web front end application, written within the Google Closure javascript framework. Using version control and close collaborative practices, I assisted in extending the features of their web based client to enhance their users' experience.

Several months later the company needed a PHP expert to manage an overhaul of their WordPress site at Over time I implemented two complete redesigns of the site within Wordpress as well as consulted with their content management staff, providing them with tools to generate content blocks that fit the site's design guidelines and provide essential front end functionality.

A third design overhaul occurred in 2013, where I was called on to completely rebuild the site without Wordpress. This was done to simplify development and utilize special tools to create a completely responsive site that could scale across desktops, tablets and phones. The site was a success until August 2013, when the company decided to close its doors. The site on the live domain is no longer visible but I've setup a staging version that you can visit by clicking the link below.


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