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projects :: north shore unitarian church Working together with design firm Beuving Creative, we took a holistic approach to the web presence of NSUC, a non-profit Unitarian organization. We were tasked with creating an attractive, well marketed, and cost-sensitive content management system that follows good usability and accessibility practices. To that end, I built the site with Joomla, along with a few custom modules, and integrated the site with various third party services, such as Google Analytics, YouTube and AddThis. I built the fully custom template based on the design parameters provided by Beuving Creative, all the while making sure the html and css code followed good usability, accessibility and SEO standards. Once the site was built, I provided training and materials to NSUC's staff to help them get up to speed on managing their content. The result is a solid and dynamic web site, tailored to the needs of NSUC and their members.


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